17 days. 16 states. 4 women. 1 wild ride.

What would you get if you sent four female environmentalists with a digital cameras into a cattle-rancher bar in Wyoming?

Besides some catcalls, you get a riveting feature documentary, Where Are We Going? — an exposé of real Americans' thoughts on our social and environmental future, and a time capsule of the country in 1999.

Travel through urban and rural America to meet ranchers, waitresses, accountants, lawyers and truck drivers more than willing to voice their opinions and beliefs about the state of our environment and society. And when the cameras are turned, the documentarians — who left their political correctness in San Francisco and have been on the road way too long — find out how their own personalities challenge each other.

While discovering that ordinary Americans feel they are alone in their environmental concerns, Where Are We Going? doesn't tell people what to do. It shows instead what they would like to do and what they are already doing to make a difference.


Souvenirs from the road

Meet the girls, read their daily diaries and see photos from the trip.

A nonprofit documentary

Where Are We Going? is produced by the 501(c)(3) non-profit P(x). Find out more.