Pictures worth a thousand miles

The first night, at Denny's
Packing the truck for the first time
Cynthia and April try to get the cameras working in a holding cell in Vegas.
Chris directs Kelli in a shot of Hoover Dam
Cynthia making a cucumber sandwich in Joseph City, Arizona
Artistic sign on historic Route 66 in Arizona
Cynthia and Kelli in Graceland's parking lot
Kelli and Chris in Graceland
April, Director of Photography, at the Mississippi
Kelli and a steamboat
April, Cynthia and Kelli in the Mississippi
Cynthia, Chris and Kelli in front of Stoner Drug in Hamburg, Iowa
Chris shoots the beautiful plains of Nebraska
Cynthia and April at the Corn Palace in South Dakota
Chris in Sheridan, Wyoming
Chris and a jovial farmer in Twin Bridges, Idaho
April and her Canon xl1 'George'
Chris and her cowgirl hat
Cynthia and the 'Clapper'
April and the dead cicada in Oklahoma
Chris performs truck maintenance
Cynthia, intrepid interviewer, Varnum, Oklahoma
Kelli, camerawoman
Chris and April at the journey's end
April and Cynthia with the truck packed and ready
Cynthia, April, Chris, Kelli at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota
Cast and crew
Knee-deep in the Mississippi
'Melon boat,' Utah

Words for the pictures

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