Making the population population-aware

P(x), Probability Unknown, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established to promote a popular dialogue concerning population and its effects. Our mission is to present the population issue in a manner that provokes interest, generates thought and elicits opinion. P(x) does not take positions on the issue but encourages awareness and debate on the implications of current and future human population levels. In doing this we hope to inspire a sense of personal, community and global stewardship for a sustainable future.

The population issue is taboo in our society. In addition, we have not consistently addressed natural resource management and social inequality as they relate to human population levels. When addressed as an issue, "population" is frequently interpreted as "over population" or "population control." These terms are powerful and threatening, inciting fears of oppression and encroachment on personal and religious freedoms. P(x) intends to break down the negative associations attached to "population" in order to open it up to a national conversation involving our environmental and social future. P(x) will provide a safe arena for the discussion of population issues so that we can address our numbers and the actions we take that form the foundation of our future.


P(x) is dedicated to using the newest technologies and popular media to encourage thought and create platforms for discussion about our numbers and our effects. The organization intends to accomplish this by using the Internet, digital video, television and radio, print ads, and by soliciting the topic to the media. The global Internet, a communication network, is a major focus of the organization. The outreach capability of this revolutionary medium is ideal for generating trends in thought and action. Digital video will be utilized to create a documentary featuring a cross-America perspective on our future. The film is designed to give a voice to America, acting as a platform for discussion on environmental and social concerns. In the future P(x) will design television, radio, and print ads to generate interest and thought about population and our future. The organization is highly attuned to the influence advertising has on our society. We intend to utilize this medium by creating brief thought provoking ads that get people thinking and talking. P(x) will also begin a letter writing campaign to encouraging the media to focus on the implications of 21st century population levels.

The cast/crew of 'Where Are We Going?'

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